Frequently Asked Questions
Why upgrade your membership What is the benefit?
Premium membership has many benefits, whether it is monthly, semi-annual or annual, for example, the annual one gets a 3-month discount, either the semi-annual gets a one-month discount, and the longer the membership is in the period, you win more because the advertisement click rises the more the period and also the number of direct and rented referrals and points It increases and also offers special offers for those with special memberships
How does the site work, how does it give me a profit, and where and why?

The site is an advertiser and member for the advertiser who pays money and the member clicks on the ads, whether a regular advertisement or a video ad, or he does a poll and the site gives you money from whereSimply who the advertiser is paying to get clicks for their adThen the advertiser who pays (the site) gets the money, then the member clicks on the advertisement and gets his profit

Are rental referrals fake? Does the site use a bot?

Rented referrals are members who joined the site, not a bot, and the site is renting them to you for a period of time in order to profit through them, and also the site does not use the bot at all, and we also want to reassure the members and tell them that we are not in our interest to use the bot because we really want to continue with youBut the site does not guarantee you the active member from the inactive member because we have a privacy policy that does not delete any member who joined us

What if there are no advertisers in a certain period, what will the site do?
During this period, the member should not be concerned, because we will bear this period on your behalf, and there will be ads that you click on from the site, and you will take your profit from it not less than 5 and not more than 10 ads per day
We know to ask why the site can handle this period simply because we really want to continue with you
Why the site pays manual and not immediate payment

We all know hackers and how dangerous they are, so how can we have in our hands your money and our money put it simply and easily for themWe know when we do the instant payment service we must put the email and password for each bank account. If the hacker attacks the site, he will get it easily, but if it is separate from the script, he will not be able to take your money and our money. I hope you know that this is in our interest for all of us.

Why is it not allowed to place an ad banner inside the Forum?
Simply because if everyone can place an advertising banner inside the forum, we will not find anyone who puts a banner inside the site, and we will not find advertisers, and thus we will not profit, and you will also not win.
What do I do if I have any questions?
At any time, if you have any inquiries, questions, or even an idea or suggestion for the site or anything that comes to your mind, just tell us and we will answer you in less than 12 hours. We are really here for you and we take care of your rights and money so you do not have to worry about anything

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